Graduates of our ServiceNow Implementation and Development training program are at your disposal!

We know, it's not easy to find ServiceNow Consultants and

Developers who really control the platform


That's why we have a great offer for you:

BizFlow, in collaboration with the Israeli Innovation Authority and ServiceNow, regularly conducts dedicated and unique training on the Now platform (which you have in the organization ...)

Our graduates are engineers or developers who have undergone extensive and comprehensive training on the ServiceNow platform.

These are quality people who have been carefully selected and screened for this program, have passed several interviews and exams and have successfully completed the long training program.

The NEXTGEN program

So what do we offer?

  • Our graduates. These are excellent, talented and motivated engineers and developers

  • Reduced cost for the first 3 months (on-boarding period) by 50% of the market price - still, now they have just completed the training, but hey, they have a lot of experience in tangent fields.

  • Professional support throughout the on-boarding period, which ensures a soft landing and full control of the service quality.

You earn excellent human capital with lots of ambition, motivation and our graduates get the opportunity to integrate in the field, gain experience and be part of an organization like yours.

In two words WIN-WIN, in three: Contact us


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